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6 month subscription

Six (6) Month subscription to the online edition of The News Leader

Duration: 180 days
Price: $13.00

Current Subscribers

Welcome to the new ReadTheLeader.com.  Thanks for being a subscriber. With the new update, we had to rework our subscription provider and big changes had to be made.

To login for the first time on the new site, simply enter in your old username and use "leader1234" (without the quotation marks) as your password.

Two links named "My profile" and "Online Editions" will appear. First click on your profile link and update your password and information, particularly your email address.

If your old username and new password does not work, it may mean your subscription had expired but not shut down. If you believe your account should still be active, give us a call at the office and we will get it sorted out.

Thanks! We hope you enjoy the new site!


The News Leader Crew